Mad About Bowls!

Class Instructor: Helen Breil

Class Description

Skill Level: Advanced Beginner to Intermediate

In this class I step you through 3 unique bowl-making projects featuring triangular, square and rectangular bowl designs. 

Templates, custom texture-making instructions, new painting techniques, useful claying tips and more, are covered. 

  • Enroll to see video’s 1 and 2 free (including the Materials Listing PDF) which give you a more detailed overview of what is covered in this class.
  • Purchase the class, in order to see all 14 video’s full of detailed instruction, clear visuals and beautiful examples. Your purchase entitles you to unlimited on-line views of the class. Your purchase can optionally also be downloaded for off-line access.  100% money back guarantee within 30 days of purchase. 

This 90 minute, value-priced class, is jam-packed with instruction, ideas and bowl-making inspiration.  Please take a look!

If you are a member of a guild: 

  • Interested in arranging a guild discount and/or
  • Using this class as a guild meeting workshop 

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Helen Breil
Helen Breil
Artist, instructor and course creator, Helen Breil has been working with polymer clay for over 20 years. To learn more Click here.

My goal is to give you the best possible learning experience.

Reviews (20)

So Dramatic

by Doreen Neilley
I actually bought this course mostly for the painting techniques, but now I am inspired to try some bowls. They are so dramatic!!

Such a GREAT class

by gillian wiseman
Informative, creative and flexible.

Five Stars

by Debbie Kronsted
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So Dramatic

by Doreen Neilley
I actually bought this course mostly for the painting techniques, but now I am inspired to try some bowls. They are so dramatic!!

Such a GREAT class

by gillian wiseman
Informative, creative and flexible.

Five Stars

by Debbie Kronsted

Mad about ideas!

by Noortje Kuhlman
Though I knew from the beginning I would probably not start making any bowls I sure knew why I wanted to take this class! Helen just gives you so many tips and advice. I never ever used templates from a course. Won't do that now either. They're too big for my ears ;-) Thanks Helen!!

Five Stars

by Tatyana Nancheva

Five Stars

by fran vainas

Absolutely Fantastic Experience and Very satisfied

by Sri sai Moulya bose
This is one of the best classes that I have taken. Everything is explained so clearly. Images were shown at every stage as she progresses. Oh my god. I love love love the paint techniques in this video. Lots of techniques, lots of information... what else can I tell..worth every Helen's colour options and just everything about her creations. Thank you for creating these video classes Helen.

Easy to get professional results!

by Cynthia Gougian
The information and instructions are so well organized! Everything is broken down into easy to follow steps! And, the results are so beautiful, and professional looking!

Phenomenal course from a spectacular artist!

by Katy Rogers
Helen Breil is easily my favorite artist. Her designs are stunning and completely in line with my tastes. Her courses are always clear and easy to understand, and this video course is no exception. The Mad About Bowls class is extremely detailed and clear, yet simple and easy to follow along. She goes above and beyond to teach, not only the bowl design, but texture designs, creating textures and reverse textures, coloring with various mediums, and even shows many variations on every bowl. If you're looking for an incredibly inspirational class that will leave you with gorgeous pieces and loads of ideas to create more, this course is for you!

Love Love Love

by Sherri Pattee
I absolutely love this tutorial. Not only did Ms Breil show you how to make the different bowls but she walks you through several techniques as well. Definitely worth the money to add to your resources.

Covering All the Bases Workshop

by Gail Garbe
Helen has done it again! This is the whole package - methodical instructions (both written and video) ; product recommendations ; taking you by the hand and showing you how to create textures ; giving you template forms for three differently shaped bowls (but feel free to tweak the patterns) ; and then the final processes of colouring, highlighting, creating one of a kind, unique bowls.

A solid investment

by Karen Harris
The techniques learned in Helen Breil's "Mad About Bowls" class will be invaluable additions to your polymer clay repertoire. As always, she provides detailed, easily understood instructions in video and written formats for different learning styles. Materials, supplies, and techniques for each project are outlined in a logical manner that are easily referred to as you progress through the lessons. One of the best things about Helen Breil's classes is that she offers tips for creating professional-looking items as well as solutions to common issues that are not often found in other classes and tutorials and she generously shares her texturing processes and her unique shaping methods. As a long-time admirer of her work, I am always thrilled to have the opportunity to learn from a master polymer clay artist like Helen and rest assured, you will be very pleased that the amount of information provided in this class makes it well worth the already reasonable price.

Fabulous Course!

by Angela Pyke
This course has clear instructions with great videos, couldn't of asked for better!!

Love this class so much!!

by Krithika Parthan
The level of detail in this class is incredible. Every step of the process is covered so well, including custom textures, coloring, finishing. And there's an explanation for every suggestion as well. The gallery section helps think of other variations. I think I will be making bowls for a long time!


by Monica Ortiz
I've been wanting to make bowls just didn't want to make them with canes like so many bowls I've seen and when I received the email I had to go check the class out, I purchased it and I am so happy I did. The bowls are so beautiful, elegant and unique. The entire process is detailed along with tips and tricks of her trade. I am now looking forward to making some of these once I get a couple items I do not have. The colors are so yummy!!!!! Thank you Helen for such an outstanding class and making the class affordable for someone living off their pension, much love and gratitude I send to you!!! I rate this class 10+

Love the video and your work

by barb hart
This has been the most complete and interesting video on making the bowls. I can hardly wait to start. I don’t have katoclay, but will try one with premo. I know it is softer. Thanks for sharing your work. I have taken several classes over the past four years. Yours is the best so far. My daughter, who is a very talented fused glass artist, wants to check out polymer when she sees this type of work. Barb


by Sue Thompson
Another excellent and informative tutorial.

Five Stars

by Janelle Espinoza

Mad About Bowls

by Lynn Vail
Once again Helen Breil produces a fantastic tutorial ... complete with clear and precise text and video's that lead the student to a perfect end product. But better than the end product is the amount of tips and tricks she freely gives. Reference list is extensive. Ideas and pictures of her gallery are plentiful and wonderful visions of possibilities. Helen is so giving of her talent and makes it so easy to follow. I would buy ANY VIDEO that Helen puts out no matter what the subject was. I want to also mention her husband who I think has quite a bit to do with the production of the tutorials as well as her silkscreens and stamps. Great Job Helen (and husband?). Really an impressive educational tool I will keep forever!

Powerful, perfect tutorial!

by Kathy Skiados
Every step was explained in perfect detail and the pictorial examples exceptional. I believe it was the best tutorial I've seen and can't wait to view it again.