Six Exceptional Textures!

taught by Helen Breil

Course description

Skill Level: Advanced Beginner and up

This technique-based class is packed with instructions, ideas and inspiration for making your own unique handcrafted one-of-a-kind texture sheets.

I have organized the class into 6 categories of textures, based on their technique.

There are 33 individual step-by-step demos for creating specific patterns across the 6 categories. And there are many more additional ideas shown which give you even further pattern possibilities.

  • Enroll to see video 1 which gives you an overview of what is covered in this class.
  • Purchase the class, in order to see all 9 video’s full of detailed instruction, clear visuals and beautiful examples. Your purchase entitles you to unlimited on-line views of the class. Your purchase can optionally also be downloaded for off-line access. 100% money back guarantee within 30 days of purchase.

Handcrafted textures create an opportunity to showcase your distinctive unique voice as an artist. Please join me in this 90 minute class and experience how making your own textures can take your work to the next level.

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  • Using this class as a guild meeting workshop

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Helen Breil
Helen Breil
Artist, instructor and course creator, Helen Breil has been working with polymer clay for over 20 years. To learn more Click here.

My goal is to give you the best possible learning experience.

You can contact me at

Reviews (28)

Five Stars

by Julie Malcolm

Five Stars

by maria teresa capobianchi

Wonderful help creating texture sheets

by Barbara Anderson
This class is AWESOME! I love using texture and it can get quite expensive. Now I will create my own. And they will be totally unique! Very detailed instructions and lots of amazing ideas! Thanks so much Helen!
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Five Stars

by Julie Malcolm

Five Stars

by maria teresa capobianchi

Wonderful help creating texture sheets

by Barbara Anderson
This class is AWESOME! I love using texture and it can get quite expensive. Now I will create my own. And they will be totally unique! Very detailed instructions and lots of amazing ideas! Thanks so much Helen!

5 plus stars

by Kathy Bergsma
I can't wait to get started! Helen is an excellent instructor!

Un cours vraiment exceptionnel sur les textures

Quel plaisir à chaque fois de découvrir vos tutoriels ! Non seulement vous êtes une grande artiste mais aussi une enseignante hors pair. Vos tutoriels sont d'une qualité exceptionnelle à tous points de vue. Tout est clair et précis. Votre créativité est sans limite. Je me suis régalée de ce cours sur "6 textures exceptionnelles"... tout comme je me suis régalée de tous les précédents. J'ai déjà hâte de découvrir le prochain. Merci Helen pour cette transmission généreuse de votre savoir.


by Milla McCammon
My best friend got into polymer clay a couple of years ago and I've been secretly Pinteresting it for about 5 years. Helen is one of the artists that I'm drawn to time and time again! Imagine my surprise when I see something I like and it turns out to be hers. I finally decided to start my polymer clay journey and couldn't be happier with the Six Exceptional Textures series. It truly gives you the foundation to make incredible pieces. So appreciative of your amazing talent Helen. Loving it all!


by Ella Chason
Many years ago I bought Helen’s texture sheets from Shades of Clay and recently found Helen’s videos on YouTube. Helen is very talented artist and gifted teacher and she is generously sharing with us her knowledge. It took me watching only the first lesson of the class - and I enrolled to all three. Went through all of them on one breath. Will watch again many times for details. Innovative, creative and full of gorgeous projects. The most professional class I’ve ever taken on-line, thoughtfully brought together by a wonderful husband and wife collaboration. Everything is superb - projects, explanations, filming, sound. Just as it should be.

Six Exception Textures

by Eileen Crandall
I could easily rename this course as 'Six Exceptional Textures - taught by an Exceptional Instructor, with Exceptional Talent that created an opportunity for Exceptional Learning with Exceptional Ease" Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful creative ideas in such a professional, detailed format. I am an avid learner and have taken a number of creative online as well as in person courses in a variety of mediums. This program is at the absolute top of my list. I purchased the Mad about Bowls program before I even finished the first lesson in the texture program. I couldn't wait to start the next program before thanking you for this one. I will also be moving on to the Pendant program of course! The care in the presentation materials, the pdf options and downloads are sincerely appreciated. I have a number of Helen Breil products in my supply kit, but this program is my most valued. Thank you Helen.


by Gail Garbe
What a WONDERFUL Class, Helen! SO much information! You are one ingenious Artist!

Excellent Tutorial

by Jo Roseborough
Thank you Helen, for this inspiring tutorial full of great ideas and valuable instructions. I am excited to start creating my own texture sheets. I might have to wait for the snow to melt to do the plant textures, but I can sure start on the other wonderful texture ideas. Your work is beautiful and your instructions easy to follow. Thanks again.

Exceptional! 😁

by Linda Smith
I adore your tutorials! They are professional, high quality, and extremely fun. They are appropriate for all levels of experience. Thank you, and keep them coming!


by Sandra Nigro
Every video class I buy from Helen is always worth the money and more! The techniques and instructions are detailed and easy to follow. Each design and texture example inspires me to so many additional design ideas of my own. I can apply these ideas, not only to my Polymer Clay art, but also to my ceramics, fiber arts, and alcohol ink creations. And, thank you Helen, for being so generous with all your free tutorials!

Six Exceptional Texture

by fena fierro
Fantastico!!!, a pesar de no hablar ingles, es claro y muy inspirador. Lo recomiendo 100%. Lo van agradecer. Gracias Helen, eres una gran inspiracion Google translation: Fantastic !!!, despite not speaking English, it is clear and very inspiring. I recommend 100% I want to thank you. Thanks Helen, you are a great inspiration

Endless Possibilities

by Sheryl Blais
I am addicted to making my own texture stamps & stamp sheets. Helen has done a great job with these video's. Her step by step instructions are easy to follow no matter what level you are. These stamps and sheets can also be used on metal clay.

Great tutorial

by Esther Ramiro
Great tutorial with a lot of tips to create your own textures. Everything very well explained on the videos.

Six Methods, but UNLIMITED possibilities!

by Doreen Neilley
WOW!! I can't wait to get into my studio! I don't live near anywhere that carries many stamps, stencils, etc. that I like, so I pretty much had to mail order everything, which adds SO much to my cost, especially as I live in Canada and the exchange rate adds at least a quarter and even up to a third on the price. But now I feel inspired about creating my own textures without having to buy a bunch of stuff, AND wait for it to arrive! Helen, thank you SO much for this course. The videos are simple and easy to follow, and having the pdfs of the narrative text, materials needed, etc. makes it much easier to be sure that I haven't missed anything.

Interesting Course!

by Marlies Möckli
Original and interesting application and combination of various quite simple techniques and objects. Wonderful course!

Five Stars

by Debbie Kronsted

Ideas abound!

by Bev Choy
I am so glad I got this tutorial. You've opened up so many different doors and pathways and I'm almost overwhelmed with ideas of what I can do to make my own textural tools, saving myself a ton of money in the long run. Thank you so much for sharing your insight and experience :) Bev Choy

Five Stars

by susan baldwin

Fresh content and new ideas.

by Rona Ibbetson
This is an excellent course which contains so much fresh content and new ideas. I think it would be suitable for all levels of expertise, from novice to expert. Having finished the course I could not wait to get started on making my own textured sheets. I love the fact that by the end of the course you come away with your creative juices flowing and mind a buzz with new ideas. To me that is the essence of a good course. Thank you Helen for all your hard work in putting these tutorials together.

Wonderful ideas!

by gillian wiseman
This class is fascinating, fun and creative.

delightful !

by caroline pinelli
I absolutely enjoyed every minute of this class !! So many possibilities, it's wonderful.. For me who is obsessed with textures, it was a dream.. I can only warmly recommand this class from a great polymer clay master !! Thank you so much dear Helen

A must for every Clayer

by Veronique Hoffmann
For two days I do nothing but texture plates !! I have so much fun with it. The tutorial leaves nothing to be desired, the individual videos are so detailed and you can follow them very well. Also for beginners. I even go so far as to say that it is almost a must for any polymer clay fan to own this tutorial !! Thank you Helen for this enrichment !!

Beyond words!

by Maria Reinhard
Thank you for such an amazing tutorial. Most of us have all these tools in our studios but have never thought to put them together like you have. Totally beyond creative. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and thought processes.

Six Exceptional Textures

by Anita Venter
Thank you very much. You are my favorite polymer artist and as always you deliver the best.

Another brilliant tutorial

by Nonie Connor
I have several of Helen’s tutorials and they have all been inspiring. This one on textures is right up there with the others. I know it’s entitled Six Exceptional Textures, but that doesn’t begin to do it justice. If one counts all the variations of those six textures the number is far greater, and in addition all the other suggestions and tips are worth their weight in gold! I urge everyone who has any desire to create beautiful polymer, regardless of skill level, to purchase this tutorial. You will be buzzing with ideas and superbly equipped to turn them into reality. You’ve done it again Helen. Thank you so much! Nonie Connor


by Cheryl Young
Yet another wonderfully informative tutorial. Professionally produced and so easy to use on thinkific. Thanks very much, Helen.